How Do I Recycle My Computer?

After you’ve wiped your drive and smashed your computer, you must find a specialty recycling company that will take the parts. In other words, don’t put glass shards, aluminum, and plastic from the device into your recycling bin. Sure, the trash person may pick it up, but it’s just going to end up in a landfill because general recycling facilities don’t have the capability to reuse these parts.

Below are just a few places you can send your devices if they’re intact and you’ve only done a software wipe. Some places will give you cash for the computer, and other places will do the destroying for you.

Mora IT Recycle: This company specializes in data destruction, so if you’ve done a factory reset on your laptop, but you haven’t bothered to destroy or at least take out your hard drive, CyberCrunch will handle that for you. In fact, it’s part of the company’s recycling process. Rates aren’t disclosed on the website, so you’ll have to call. Simply mail in your device and it will be securely recycled.

Best Buy: As far as corporate companies that offer electronics recycling go, this is one of your best options, since Best Buy has a wide span of stores. The store will let you recycle three items per household per day for free, and you can even check out the company’s trade-in program to see if you’ll get any money for it.

So far, Best Buy has “responsibly disposed” of more than one billion pounds of electronic waste, which the company claims make it the largest retail collection program in the country. The company is working with certified partners to reach two billion pounds.

eStewards: Whether a full-fledged enterprise company or an individual consumer, this organization will help you find a local place to take your electronic junk, as it’s part of a global mission. Through its “Find a Recycler” tool, simply enter your country, state, and zip code to find recycling shops nearby.

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