Mora Recycle has created a computer recycling solution for companies across the county of Greater London including the towns of Barking & Dagenham, Greys, Woking, Cheshunt and Seven Oaks. All of the computer equipment that we collect for recycling such as Computer Monitors, PC base units and Printers are all recycled 100%. None of the equipment we collect will end up in landfill sites.


Our computer recycling service guarantees all waste electrical equipment is disassembled using environmentally friendly methods ensuring sure that the highest levels of recovery are achieved. We encourage the reuse of equipment wherever possible and can help businesses by liaising with registered charities that can benefit from the equipment.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is now the UK’s fastest-growing waste stream. Mora Recycling collects and recycles all categories of WEEE throughout the whole of Greater London. Using many years of waste management experience, we currently have regular customers in Battersea and Barking & Dagenham and can collect waste electrical equipment from around London.

As part of our service, we promote environmental awareness throughout London by offering information on all current and future legislation with regard to waste management and recycling. We pride ourselves on our customer service levels and our aim is to provide a cost-effective service and to reduce the volumes of waste destined to landfill.

Monitor Disposal and Monitor Recycling

Mora Recycling offers a computer monitor collection service; we recycle CRT monitors from companies throughout Greater London. Our CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) recycling solution for clients uses hard compressors from our borough recycling centre this allows us to achieve great recycling rates.

The recycling process for all both televisions and CRT monitors ensures all metal, plastic and cable are removed and 100% recycled or Refurbished and remarketed.

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